Monday adventures in pictures (puppy included)

These are pictures from what happened today. The first Monday of Spring.
The weather was good  enough, so obviously walk in the nature was included.
My adventures included:
On almond tree flowers.
I was fascinated by them, and was staring at them for 10 minutes until...
...this little monster came flying running towards me.
Her name is Lily, she's 4 months old and recently started going on adventures with me.
She thinks she's a rabbit because she keeps on jumping up and down.
Anyway, after she distracted me from the bees, they decided to fly elsewhere. So I took her on a walk in the cherry blossom kingdom (aka the cherry trees, 5 minutes from the almond trees).
Ah, they smell fantastic.
And so do these, but I don't know what they are.
We also found some chamomiles, and picked up some!
A tiny dog may or may not have eaten some as well.
After all these flowers, Lily started running, and I followed her.
I found her in the front door of my house, where she was waiting me like this:
And then, I asked her if she wanted to come in the house and her response was obvious:
"Ok Lils, but you're gonna behave, ok?"
(That's her serious look.)
So in she went.
On my bed.
With me trying to write something.
It wasn't going so well, so in I brought the clothes basket and placed it by me.
And in she went.
On her own.
I think she likes it there, as she's about to fall asleep...
So that is what happened today.
On Friday I went shopping (2 new nail polishes), so I might make a post on that soon.
And during the weekend I was studying and writing stuff (as I was during last week), which resulted in no time for blogging.

How was your Moday friends? Your weekend?
I'm off to take the mini adventurer to her house, as sleeping in my house is not something she likes.

Happy week!


Blast from the past #2: Chilling on a Sunday...The instructions.

I wrote this post 2 years ago. And I wore Pink Fizz by Models Own again yesterday, so I thought I'd share this post. I'll post a new adventure tomorrow or on Tuesday. Happy Sunday friends!

After a long week, I believe there's nothing better to do on a cloudy/rainy Sunday, but relax...
Here's how I'll do it.
♥ Tea time...

Wild Sweet Orange Tazo tea.

♥ Pretty makeup.

It's a really pretty -and yummy- lipgloss.

It looks like fairydust glitter in a gloss

♥ A purrrrfect relaxing bath with the You've Gotta be kitten me showergel by HoneyCat Cosmetics
If you haven't heard of them go take a look.
They have everything you need to pamper yourself, including bathbombs, lipglosses and bodycreams.

They even have instructions on the showergel bottle...
It smells oh so sweet! Pomegranate, a touch of honey, I believe I also smelled strawberries! I kid you not! This thing is the magical relaxing showergel.
The end.

♥ Glitter!
On my nails that is.
It has been looking at me from its shelf for the past months.
And I decided to use it.
Oh it made me happy...
Pink fizz by Models Own

Blinded by the glitter yet?
And my friends this is a onecoater!


So, what are you up to this Sunday?
Going out or staying in?
Any more relaxing tips anyone?

Glitter kisses to you all!


The scents of my adventures

If there is one thing you should know about me, is that I'm in love with scents. I tend to connect the feelings of my memories with the perfume that I was wearing at the moment, or the smells around me. I am also very picky when it comes to the perfumes I'm wearing, as they change on my skin, and often surprise me.
This post is about all the perfumes that I love to wear when I'm going on an adventure.
I've had most of these perfumes for years, and I use them depending on my mood. I have Stila days and Chanel days and Snow Fairy days (I know it's a lip tint, but I'll explain below).
And I have perfumes that I wear on special occasions and others that I wear everyday. And I also combine them.
So shall the introduction begin?

The big 4.
These are the perfumes that I use most of the time and have had the most amazing adventures with. I have repurchased 3 of them, and I'll keep on repurchasing them. They last a long time on me.
Estee Lauder Sensuous: This is my glamourous perfume. I wear it when I feel like a diva or when I want a little oomph in my day. If this perfume was a city, it'd be Edinburgh: mysterious and sensual.
Stila Jade Blossom: This is my spring perfume; as in I wear it when I want to feel like spring is near. It's floral and happy and light. It's like spring in Paris.
Shiseido Zen: This is my Zen perfume. It's the most relaxing perfume I've ever owned. For whichever reason it smells like linen and tea and freshly cut grass. It's Japan in a bottle.
Chanel no 5: This is THE perfume for me. It's supposed to be heavy, but on the contrary, it's like a powdery mist of elegance and beauty found in the London of 1900. If I could I would marry this perfume. I love it that much. I wore this perfume on my graduation day and on other important and beautiful days.

The small 3.
Even though these are great perfumes I don't wear them as often. And I usually combine them with the big 4. Or with each other. They don't last that long on me. And I'm pretty sure I'd get dizzy if they did, as they don't really react well with my skin.

Lush Snow Fairy Lip tint: Ok, this is a lip tint, BUT, it smells amazing. And it doesn't work that well as a lip tint, so I thought I'd use it as a solid perfume. And it works great. I wear it on its own or combine it with Zen or Jade Blossom or with the Body Shop Oil in Cherry Blossom.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil by The Body Shop: This is a cute little perfume that I can carry around without being afraid of breaking the bottle/opening and spilling everywhere. I don't usually wear it on its own, as within 30 minutes its scent fades off, but I combine it with either Shiseido's Zen or the Snow Fairy tint.
Juicy Couture's Couture Couture perfume (I won't comment on the name): This is a cheery and happy and vivid and loud perfume. I do like it, but it can make me dizzy. I combine it with Zen to tone it down. I love the packaging, and it is perfect for this fragance: girly, pink and gold.

So these are my favourite perfumes. And what my adventures smell like.

Tell me friends, what are yours? I'm always looking to discover new perfumes to add to my collection, so I'd love to hear what scents you love.
Do you combine memories with scents? Scents with cities?

Hope you're having a good week so far.
Much love,


Blast from the past #1: The story of Elegant, the polish.

This is the first of the blast from the past posts. I decided to re-post this one, as I am re-discovering this nail polish, and I love it. 
So enjoy!

Sunday is here.
The last week of the finals begins tomorrow.
And the best way to a great beginning is good looking hands.Since I'll write the one exam left with them.
For this mani I picked something goldish, but not the usual extravagant glittery holo loves of mine.
I decided to take it down a notch and go for something more subtle, elegant, matte dare I say, and yet, shiny!
Mememe's Elegant nail polish it was.
And since my nails were done on a break (and dried in less than a minute), I took the polish bottle for a walk in the wild. Just because.
Here's what happened...
The weather was frightful...Rain was about to fall...

Alas, the polish wanted to enjoy nature.

 And so did my nails, because when they have gold on, they're showoffs. And when the gold is an onecoater like this case, they like to show off even more.(You can click on the pics for more detail on the polish)
The polish brush went out to look for a place to hide just in case rain started falling. It looked left...

And right... (yes it's a wide flat brush. I like its brush. It's fun.)
And booo!
The monster came out of the trees.
(Read:Lucky the dog was playing peek-a-boo)

And the polish fainted, so I had to revive it.

Polish and I are ok now.
Inside studying Plant Ecophysiology.

*Le sigh*

You can find Elegant and all his brothers and sisters *here*.They're a fun gang to have on your nails.

How was your Sunday?Do you have any plans?
How's the weather over there?
Have you tried any of Mememe's polishes?Which are your favourites?

Much love,

(p.s.Obviously, it's not Sunday, and I don't have exams, but the weather is the same, and I'm wearing the same nail polish)


The adventure of the four leaf clover

Yesterday I stayed up all night long, writing some project proposals. But that's not the important thing. The important thing is that at 9 am, when I finally finished the writing thing, I thought it was a good idea to go out and look for a four leaf clover.
I mean I live in the countryside, the place is filled with clovers, how difficult could it be to find one?
So first things first, I had to decide which of my favourite companions would follow me in this adventure.
(Aka what I'd wear in order to go out in public and not scare anyone with my paleness and sleep deprived face)
The decision was not easy, but it finally came down to these guys:
L-R and top to bottom:
NYX Blush in Spice: This was a Christmas gift from my precious Argyrousa. I really enjoy wearing it, especially in the morning, as it gives some much needed colour to my face
Apivita lip balm: It's winter, my lips don't like winter, but they do like this lip balm.
Raw Gaia Argan oil: When it's cold, I use this in order to protect my skin and keep it moisturised.
Billion Dollar Brows Taupe brow powder: Excellent for eyebrows. Works great as an eyeshadow too.
Garnier Roll on for dark circles: Not getting enough sleep may or may not have caused dark circles. This concealer is a really good one, and a value for money, as it's lasted me for ages.
MyFace cosmetics MyMix foundation in Fair: Light to medium coverage, dewy finish, amazing if you want your face to look great.
Philosophy Bubbly lip gloss: The only reason I used this, is because I love its flavour and scent. It's not a great gloss, as it's not long staying, and it needs to be reapplied many times if you want shiny lips. But it's pretty and it smells nice.
Purity anti-aging moisturiser: It's one of the few moisturisers my skin likes. It's quite thick, so in my opinion, it's great for wintertime, as it keeps my skin moisturised longer.
TheBalm Time Balm Concealer: Extra coverage. Enough said. This little pot works wonders.
Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara: Good mascara for a subtle look.

So, after all these were on (dude, I use a lot of things now that I think about it... *sigh* ), I wore my boots and of I went.

These boots are made for walking, and this is what they did...
They're also pretty and comfortable. And they're made from Feud Shoes. I got them around Christmas, and I've been wearing them ever since.
I mean look at the detailing in them:

Anyway, enough with the boots. Into the field I went looking for a four leaf clover...
Clovers... Where are youuu?
Oh, here you are!
Now is there one of you that has 4 leafs?
Mmmm, nope.
Here neither...
Ooooh look, pretty flowers... Spring must be here!
Or not...
Well, this was the last picture I took, as it started raining, so my camera not liking water and stuff, was put into my bag.
But I did find a clover! And I put it in my notebook to preserve it, and this morning I took a photo, so here it is:
I hope it'll bring us all good fortune and luck.
And I hope you enjoyed my little adventure as much as I did.

Did you go on any adventures lately? Do tell me!

Happy day friends!